Polaroid Watercolor Painting

This is the first of a series of pieces that combine my love for water with my delight in the process of capturing and collecting. I begin by capturing a moment beside a body of water on polaroid film using my polaroid sx-70 land camera, then I collect some of the water and return to my studio. The polaroid emulsion process includes immersing the film, once developed in distilled hot and cold water baths to lift the gel-like emulsion containing the image off of the plastic backing. It floats freely in the water, rippling and fluid. I then secure the emulsion on a piece of watercolor paper. I use this piece as the study for a larger painting. I begin the watercolor painting by dividing the collected water and using it to paint the final piece with, in this way there is a connection between the place and the finished work. I also document the use of the collected water by photographing it after I have finished painting.




I've been busy making art, but haven't photographed it yet. I should get on that!