Pray & Encourage

PRAYER UPDATE: Please pray for me for faith about the financial burden: I am $2800 away from from being fully funded for the trip and it's a big scary number.  As my travel date rapidly approaches, I am fearful that I will not meet the goal. I would love to have you pray that God would give me faith and also that the need would be filled!

Sometimes when people ask for prayer at the same time as asking for donations, I secretly eye roll and think, “yea, but what you really need is the money.” But now that I’m here, in this place, doing the thing that I’ve eye rolled at, I know. I really NEED your prayers, and your encouragement. I need you to ask God to prepare me for this trip because I’m not ready. If you do pray for me, I’d love to know, it will truly encourage me. Please take a moment to fill out the below and say hello!

If you are not someone who prays, you probably skipped this whole section, but in case you didn’t: I’d love to have your good thoughts and positive vibes!

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Other ways to help:

Buy Art

I've created some original watercolors, acrylic paintings, polaroid emulsion transfers, and printed photographs that I'm offering in exchange for your donation. Check out the pieces and see if any of them speak to you. It can be hanging on your walls in no time.

Donate Supplies

There are lots of physical items needed for the trip as well as for the six organizations that we will be visiting. Please take a look and let me know if you'd like to donate something to go in my suitcase, speaking of which I also need suitcases, have one?

Tell Others

You may know someone who cares deeply about life in Africa, who is a generous patron of the arts, or who may be just plain interested - sharing my info and linking to this page on facebook may seem like a small thing but it will mean a lot to me, so pssst... pass this on...