Day 1: Addis

I'm's beautiful...I'm never coming home. That might be the lack of sleep for the past 36 hours talking but it is incredibly beautiful here in this place.

Things I have seen so far:

-The flight attendant taught the woman across the aisle from me how to use her seat belt, like how to buckle it, she was maybe in her sixties and really was using a seat belt for the first time!

-When we got off the plane the sun was just coming up over the mountains

-The drivers spent almost 40 minutes discussing how to put the suitcases on the top of the vans/minibuses and then like 4 minutes doing it...super fun to listen to their passionate discussion in Amharic with rapid hand gestures many boroughs. As many goats & sheep & people in the streets as cars

-No stoplights - just a whoever-is-most-aggressive system

-Our van driving around a child who was standing in the middle of the street. He was totally unfazed by the direct oncoming traffic

-Men sorting onions (or garlic?) on the sidewalk

-corrugated aluminum is a popular construction material

- a shop owner proudly painting his storefront lime green

I'm feeling grateful, humbled, overwhelmed, exhausted and to be perfectly honest: a bit intimidated by the level of talent here on the creatives team. These folks aren't kidding around.