Day 3: Awassa

Injera for breakfast . . .yes, please! Also new to me today was riding in a Bajaj, a common mode of transport here . . . the rest of the team went to Chapa and four of the creatives headed back to Ebenezer Grace to get some footage for a couple of videos that they’ll use to give an overview of what they do. But back to the Bajaj for a second – it’s like a tiny little car on top of a motor bike - but it has three wheels instead of two (motortrike?) they’r blue and white and have rounded tops - the driver sits in front and there’s a bench seat for two or three to squeeze in on the back, it’s fun and also a little scary because they drive quick and take lots of risks that we probably wouldn’t if we were driving.

Back at Ebenezer Grace we talked with Argraw and filmed a bit of interview footage for a short spot to give an overview of their ministry. We visited Lantu’s home, named for Lantu who I mentioned in yesterday’s post. The idea behind Lantu’shome is that both children with and without special needs interact and grow together, each learning from the other. There were tiny infants and toddlers each with their own story of how they came to be in this place.

After filming and playing, and feeding, and holding babies for several hours we went over to the Ebenezer Grace house where we met about fifty children.

More later . . . need to sleep.