I crafted the concepts and storyboards for these videos, I worked with a videographer and production team through an ad agency to produce them. I was involved in casting, model direction, writing the voiceover script and recording. On set, I gave direction for camera framing, set lighting as well as styling for scenes, props and wardrobes.

Concept: Encourage people to buy the right amount of paint so they don't have a lot left over using a goldilocks and the three bears storyline

Challenges: Differing factors among brands that determine how much paint you need and stakeholder audiences with conflicting messages, communicate a complicated message in just a few seconds, align differing visual perspectives among team for a cohesive spot


Concept: Inspire people to use up leftover paint on DIY projects and let them know that it's possible to recycle paint too using a peppy vibe and spots of color

Challenges: No real brands of paint could be shown and also painting needed to look clean and easy, we solved this by creating a custom set of paint cans with dated-looking, but colorful labels that would become a staple of the PaintCare brand, we kept the scenes simple and neutral allowing the paint color to be the star of each frame